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No one likes cleaning their own home. Even for a healthy young person, the task requires much energy and hours of effort; often a whole day is wasted cleaning and organising. This task becomes many times more daunting and challenging for seniors and persons with disabilities. For that reason, About Care is proud to offer a housekeeping service which ensures your or your loved one’s household always remains organised, sanitary and safe.

About Care’s cleaning staff are professional and thorough. Our checklist system ensures all essential parts of the household are maintained and sanitary. Our cleaning staff may be available to do any of the following, depending on every client’s personal needs:

  · Floor cleaning and vacuuming
  · Laundry and dishwashing
  · Dusting
  · Bed Making
  · Bathroom and kitchen cleaning
  · General upkeep

When you contact us about our housekeeping services, an About Care representative will arrive at your household to provide you with a free assessment of care needs. Next, we will draft a customized upkeep plan based on your needs for your approval. Please note that the housekeeping service can be easily bundled with any other About Care service.