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Commitment to...

Our commitment to quality extends to every service we provide. About Care is pleased to offer outstanding, high-end housekeeping and hotel-style cleaning services that can be employed separately from, or in combination with, our range of healthcare programs. We aim to exceed clients’ expectations in a professional, efficient manner and are able to accommodate a range of requests at short notice. 

Everyone deserves to at least be treated with basic human dignity and respect. At About Care, we go beyond that basic level of dignity, to help you feel empowered and confident. Our employees will always treat you with respect and understanding for your situation. We will always respect your desire for privacy.

In line with our commitment to dignity, we will promote a healthier lifestyle, helping those in our care to grant them the option to do more for themselves. Whenever you need help, we’re there. Whenever you want to take action on your own, we’ll still be there, supporting you as much or little as you need while you pave your own path.

Our staff are licensed (as applicable), bondable, reliable, and consistent. Additionally, About Care is fully insured for liability, should the unthinkable happen. You have to worry about your own needs; we’ll always handle the business.

Even though it’s lower in this list, compassion is one of our most key values. We believe that no health service provider should ever operate without a strong sense of humanity in mind, and for that reason we hold ourselves to the highest of humane standards. This idea falls in line with our principles of quality, dignity, and independence, in that treating our clients with great compassion includes providing high quality of service, consistent dignity, and promoting your independence. We have caregivers and specialists who are also able to provide emotional support, helping to give you peace of mind, and granting physical, mental, and emotional relief for your loved ones. 

About Care’s cleaning staff are professional and thorough. Our checklist system ensures all essential parts of the household are maintained and sanitary. 

We’re a Halifax-based company. Our headquarters are located on Quinpool Road. We are committed to providing the best service to our clients, to ensure their well-being.  

As is evident by our mission, we are committed to ensuring the best environment for our clients by treating each and every client with kindness, care, compassion and dignity.  We believe that any type of client care should take into consideration the whole person and their situation; that is why we approach each client with a holistic approach.

What sets us apart – we will discuss in greater detail a little later.  But keep in mind that we are the only provider of in-home healthcare that offers naturopathic care, and we also are one of the only providers who have a multi-cultural staff—which means we are able to provide companion services and accompanied visits for our clients, no matter if the event is religious or cultural in nature.